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Country West Meats in Robina provide a wide range of different types of beef, chicken, lamb and pork cuts and products. All our meat is of the highest quality and delivered fresh every day.

All our mince, sausages and burgers are made directly on our premises to ensure only the best ingredients are used. We will also suggest what meat to use for particular recipes, or how to prepare the more unusual cuts.

Let your family enjoy fresh, preservative-free meat, visit us or give us a call today!

Fresh Meat

Our huge selection of different types and cuts of meat provide a great versatility at your dinner table.

Beef: Whether you're after a premium tenderloin fillet steak, or you're planning to make a rich, slow-cooked chuck stew, our butchers will provide just the right cut of beef for your purpose.

Lamb: Our huge range includes all the top quality lamb cuts, including the ever-so-popular chops for barbequing, or leg for roasting. A slow-cooked lamb neck curry anyone?

Chicken: If you're a poultry lover, you're sure to find ingredients for your favourite recipe at Country West Meats. We sell whole chickens, breasts, leg steaks or tenderloins.

Pork: Why not feast one of our quality pork offerings? With us, you can serve everything from premium cutlets through sticky spare ribs to succulent pork belly.

Meat products

At Country West Meats, we work tirelessly to provide you and your family with products of the best quality and taste. Our range of gourmet sausages, burgers and other oven or pan-ready meals, such as beef meatballs, crumbed chicken schnitzels or marinated pork stir-fry pieces, will certainly take the stress out of dinner.

Our skilled butchers daily prepare all our products on the premises without any preservatives, ensuring absolute freshness and top quality of all used ingredients. We also cater for special dietary requirements, preparing fresh gluten free sausages. On request, we will also prepare other meals.

Meat Trays and BBQ Packs

One of our speciality at Country West Meats is preparing bespoke meat trays and BBQ packs.

For convenience, we have a selection of pre-packed cuts of beef, lamb, chicken and pork to cater for the needs of your family. If you're catering for a bigger group of people with a variety of tastes, our range also includes meat packs combining different types of meat. You can also purchase specific BBQ pack with a range of sausages, burgers and meats, just perfect for a family get together at home or an event at your workplace or sporting club.

Our butchers will also happily prepare meat trays or BBQ packs based on your requirements. We can tailor and combine any of our products in any amounts.

Country West Meats also supply meat in bulk at discounted prices.

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